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Zeal ERP Frequently Asked Questions?

This section of Zeal ERP software frequently Asked questions helps you to understand the system better before you buy or get the demo of our ERP solution. If the questions are not listed you can email us on info@zealerp.com

Zeal ERP software is a desktop based Enterprise Resource Planning software that can help you to streamline your business processes. 

Zeal ERP is a Desktop based ERP solution and can be used through LAN connection for web based. 

Zeal ERP implementation serves various verticals such as Trading businesses | Manufacturing | Service industries and so on...

Yes! You can customize Zeal ERP as per your business requirements. If you need any custom module development our team can handle it.

No! You have to bear only one-time implementation cost - and end number of users can use the solution in your company. 

You can start using the solution within few weeks time as most of the modules in our ERP software has already been created to ensure minimum customizations required. 

Our Implementation method differs based on the project. We use Agile as well as Waterfall methods to implement Zeal ERP software for the verticals. 

Server configuration to implement Zeal ERP software can be define once we understand your requirements and the data that is needed to be put within the ERP system. 

If you don’t have documentation for the implementation of ERP software. Zeal ERP team can help you with documenting the business processes and organizational maps. Through this Business Requirements Analysis, you can implement Zeal or any other ERP software for your business as required.

Yes! Once you finalize to implement Zeal ERP in your business. Our team provides you with complete plan of implementing Zeal ERP solution with deliveries of each module. 

The return on investment for Zeal ERP implementation is fast compare to other costly ERP solution. The best thing about Zeal is that you don’t need to pay for any licenses every year. Our costs are one time with end number of users in your business. Therefore the ROI with Zeal is quick and fast without any recurring costs.

Yes ! We do have experience in implementing complete ERP system for our clients across the globe. Till date we have worked with more than 30+ clients in implementing Zeal ERP software. Our Co-founder has over 30+ years of ERP implementation experience.